We remember 9/11 a solemn day to “reflect”

While Orange Racist ASSHOLE does His Best

evil racist disgusting villain from history and

(We Know)

films; the rest of the actual world recoils in a

fit of Anger, Sadness & Firm Commitment to

end this Hateful shit. In Denying all the good

people of the Bahama’s the Ability To “Enter”

our country, after their entire homes were all

wiped out, We Died. This is so UnAmerican &

it’s not only immoral. It’s pure evil. And, as it

is happening, a fat racist Prick wants to “Ban”

e-cigarettes after 6 die. While we lose around

(Bye Bye)

39,000 per year dying from GUNS, meh fuck

that Noise, let’s help Big Tobacco Companies

who Are getting firm Competition from these

e-cigarettes. Disgusting as this ‘Lunacy’ is all

the rage here in the States, Scotland just did

the World A “Solid”, In Labeling Boris/And All

the Brexiteer’s actions in shutting down their

governin’ body of Parliament, “Illegal”. Oops

Times up, the World Is Done with all this shit

NOTE: The Democratic Party, Lost Their NC Special
Election By just under 2 Points. That’s Terrible And
It Stings’; BUT, Trump/Romney Won That ‘Area’ By
Over 12 Points. That is a 10 point Drop. Ooooooops

Have a day!


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