Bolton left After Idiot Pile Tried His, “Hey,

let’s all meet with Taliban in Camp David”

(Bye Bye!)

As the Orange Toddler Screams “Oh no, I

FIRED him”, the ‘Reality’ is, Bolton Simply

stepped down. He gone; and as you know

from me; I’m no fan of Bolton at all so it’s

something that I’m glad about, but makes

Trump Still looks Massively Insane. See, a

broken Clock is still correct twice a day by

no action of It’s own. And as He Implodes,

With ‘Democratic Congress Members’ Now

Beginning An ‘Impeachment Probe’, All Of

(Ha ha ha!)

his Polls are so far underwater, they need

a big ass scuba tank to live. Ooooooooops

This only matters if ya VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

NOTE: NC Special Election, Leans Slightly Towards
Democrat Dan McCready. None Of This Matters, If
You Do, Not, VOTE! This could be A Tiny Sign here

Have a day!

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