The entire world is done with Orange Asshole

Including Democrats in Congress. They Have

(Here we go!)

formally begun an impeachment Probe and it

is very Damning In it’s Structure. This Allows

lawmakers to Review all sensitive Grand Jury

materials. WOW! BOOM! That Is Going To be

some seriously Damning shit upcoming. Well,

we are here. Aside from all of this Happening,

the MAIN Goal Is Remove Asshole from office

by ELECTION, Making His “Defeat” Soundly In

the history books. Only happens If you vote &

get others too. After all Orange Fuckwit wants

(Ya Think?)

to “meet” with the Taliban at Camp David. Yes

you read it Correctly. He wanted to ‘meet’ with

fucking Terrorists. WTF?!?!?!?! Lunacy Left the

building LONG ago. And now, He Decided That,

he will NOT meet with them. Things are not at

all looking Good for Him Now Heading Into ’20

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooops; About Time

NOTE: In That “So Nobody Is Shocked At All” By This
News. The Palin’s Are Getting a Divorce. Guess Todd
Has Had Enough, Of Mama Bear “You Betcha” Barbie
U wonder how it even lasted 31years in the 1st place

Have a day!


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