So the “No Deal” Brexit Is over. Done. Dead

It Cleared The House Of Lords And so now it

(Well Done!)

becomes law. Let’s recap what boris has left:

No ‘No Deal Brexit’, no Lil’ snap election, no

old May Deal (It won’t pass Parliament) and

no New Deal With under 2 months Left here

BJ will be the Shortest Serving PM in British

history. Just a Punchline answer to a trivia ?

And as The Amazing people Britain End Mini

Trump much Faster then We’re doing with a

Real Trump; Gerrymandering Took a “Legal”

(It’s ending)

hit In N. Carolina. About Time. The entire R

Party today is on “Notice”. The Federal level

didn’t stop it, But the States sure as shit Are

NOTE: The Bears D, Is REAL. Their O Sucks Harder
Than a shop vac set In Reverse. Nagy is in Trouble
If He ‘Wins’ 9 or Less, He Was A “1 Season Wonder”

Have a weekend!


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