While the rest of the Bahama’s recovers from

the Sheer devastation from Dorian….now the

(Sheer horror)

Carolina’s are Getting it Today/tonight we all

want each and every person/citizen to all just

please be safe as it moves up the eastcoast &

seek Help if Needed. Together We Are Always

better. Donate time, blood, $ to the red cross

Oh & while in america the “orange asshole” is

almost out of office & in jail maybe we should

take a page from the tories in Britain. They’re

actually “PRINCIPLED PEOPLE”. When, the Lil’

Brother Of BJ Quits, Something Wonderful Is

(Bye bye Bro!)

happening & bravo! Hero’s Are Happening SO

fast now. And the No Deal Brexit Law is slated

to PASS the House of Lords into law tomorrow

Bye Bye BJ. ‘Shortest’ PM In All British History

NOTE: MORE ‘Republicans’ Running Away From Office
In Order To Avoid the “Ass Kicking”, about To Happen
The GOP Is DOA And Done. They Earned Their Ending
NOTE II: The Perfect Patti Vasquez, Is Running For
Political Office In Illinois. She Is the Best Policy Person
Around and Worthy of Your Vote And financial support

Have a day & Bear Down!


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