Doctored Dumbass & BJ Blew It…

September 4th, 2019

While we have a Few on the far right like

Princess McCain’s Insane stoking of “evil”

(No shit!)

violence over sensible gun reform, we’ve

the usual Orange Assclown Playing at an

insane ‘Asylum Patient’ With Shit in their

fat hand Yelling “It’s chocolate!”. The fat

idiot tried to Use a Sharpie to “Alter” the

Weather Service ‘map’ of Dorian. Yes, ya

read that correctly. WTF?!?!? This fuckin’

pile of Dumbassery Isn’t worth tolerating


anymore. This is Illegal Shit Here people

Speaking Of ‘Toddler Assholes’ Unable to

grasp reality BJ lost his 1st four votes in

Parliament. Including one Stopping A No

Deal Brexit. Sure The House of Lords will

try to “stall”, but this is damnin’ shit and

it’s Telling That BJ has ‘Utterly’ Imploded

NOTE: Another TX-Republican, Is Quitting Causing
The Entire GOP to basically be Doing the Same. Ha
NOTE II: The NFL Starts Tomorrow! This Marks The
100 Year’s Since starting. Bears vs Packers Bring it

Have a day!


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