The “Lowest” It Gets…

August 9th, 2019

When a small girl’s Crying, Because her parents

Were “Taken” By ICE, while WORKING AT THEIR


fucking JOB. We Are In The End Game Now And

it Is The WORST of Us. This Must End, & it Must

end NOW. The children were JUST FUCKING left

there by ICE Agents. It is Immoral, It’s Criminal

& those who ‘Committed’ these Acts of Inhuman

Terror & Suffering will stand before Justice quite

soon. While the Racist Orange Monster Commits

more acts of insufferable shame, my Tear Ducts

are dry. They’ve turned into Sheer Anger & Rage


at this Point. All of These Immoral Nazi’s Must be

politically beaten into extinction Normandy beach

Style. They’ve no place in society/the world. None

Impeachment Proceedings Will Begin. We’re Here

NOTE: Crue Tommy Lee, Just Won The Award For Otherworldy
Satire In Mocking Racist MAGA Trumpers With Trigger Trolling
NOTE II: State Department only “suspends” white supremacist
WTF?!? How About FIRES Him & Watches Him For Acts of hate

Have a weekend!


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