In the 2nd Amendment, it Says “Well Regulated”

Militia. Not, “Hey, have as many fucking guns as

(We Know)

ya like. In fact have 20 a piece & buy em online”

This country will see Sensible Gun Reform in the

next 2 years. It’s comin’ since 93%+ people ALL

agree with the basics. It’s just the gun lobby and

insane Republicans Blocking it Now. Then “VOTE”

them ALL Out. And So, How Bad are “Things” for

Republicans Now? Most of Them are Hiding from

Media/News Right Now. And Those Going on Are

taking the Gun & Blowing off their own foot while


lying at a Record pace. With now 4 GOP’ers in TX

Not running for re-election; they’re royally fucked

That’s “ONLY” if Citizens VOTE at Record Numbers

NOTE: Moscow Mitch’s “White Youth Movement” Hit a rather
LARGE Snag While “Posing” With A Cutout of AOC “Choking”
Her, & Mockingly “Groping” Her. That, would be Against The
Law. With the political shootings we’ve had this isn’t a Game
NOTE II: Republican, Only One to Date, Speaks Out Against
the Overt White Supremacy in The Republican Party. And so,
His RACIST Friends Want Him Out of The Klan. Ooooooooops
RIP: Poet, historian, author, legend, icon, hero Toni Morrison

Have a day!


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