Over this Weekend, our Country has yet another

horrific & Heartbreaking Test. Will WE effect real

(We Know)

change on Our Gun Laws; or Continue To Watch

innocent American citizens get slaughtered dead

For ‘Nothing’ More Than NRA/Gun Makers Profits

Make no mistake; these “Overt acts” of Domestic

Terrorism are Overwhelmingly found on the right

in the form of racist Right Wing MAGA Terrorists

PERIOD. This is a “Statistical Reality” in America

today. PERIOD. These mass shootings in El Paso,

California & Ohio are evil & unacceptable horrific


acts Of Terrorism By A Growing Threat. They are

(Oh & Racist POS Trump said Toledo not Dayton)

White Supremacist ‘Racist Republicans’. And The

Rotten HEAD Of This Immoral Vile Hate, Is None

other Than Trump Himself. If he really does at all

“Condemn White Supremacy”, Then he’s Actually

condemning Himself. He IS all of this Racist hate!

He & The Entire Republican Party left Standing in

any way Today SIDED with racist hate. They own

ALL Of This Violence/Hate. And It Will Bring them

(All that’s left)

down into The Lowest Political Depths ever, never

to be herd From Again. They’re all immoral frauds

who will Be Evicerated by Society/History. And all

Right Winger Racists Left Today. Your Time, Is Up

Our country will end your Racist hate permanently

NOTE: Stock Market Plummets Today Over, “Trumps Tariffs”
And, Things Will Get Worse With His Ignorant Insane Lunacy
He’s fucking with his donor class. They will reign hell on him
NOTE II: Republican sub-human scum pile blames all These
shootings on Trans/Gay people; remove her from office now

Have a day!


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