The debate was decent. It offered America a

tiny Glimpse of Who These People Are, what


their policies are & exactly how they plan on

Enacting Everything In Them. Harris looked

caught Off Guard when her record of locking

up Weed users, by trying change the subject

to ‘Death Penalty’. Um, BUZZ. Ya, fucked Up

And Tulsi Gabbard, is already finished Today

(A planet, a stooge, or both?!?!? Who cares)

Right now the FBI has “Officially Stated” that

Conspiracy Theories are the Newest form of

(We Know)

Domestic Terrorism. You Know, Aside From

Right Wing Trumper Republican maga fucks

who commit acts of Terror/violence. Gee it’s

odd that they are on The Same Political Side

Oh, did I Say “Odd”?!? I Meant SO Expected

Have a day!


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