Today’s Historic In Chicago, IL. After Tonight

the 2nd City to “none” we will shortly have a

(<-Lightfoot Likely)

new Mayor. Both African American, & BOTH

are Woman. Look out for the times they are

a changing; and all citizens of this greatland

want their Government to reflect Civility and

honor. Not hate, Division, lies & Nazi Racism

As these times are hopeful we see an orange

assclown, Panicking like a drug Dealer at the

boarder as the patrol walks up with the dogs

freaking Out Barking Loudly. He Was Kissing

Rod Rosenstein’s Anus. And Oddly Enough it

(Jail Bird!)

is Clear He Both Obstructed Justice, & Broke

the law Over & Over & Over. Mueller was SO

smart. He Put The “Bulk” Of Close Trumpers

in the Southern District: Cohen, Their “Book

Keeper” Weisselberg, Sater etc. He’s goin’ 2

start getting even Crazier by the day if that’s

possible. The times, are a changing, and fast

NOTE: Republicans “Pretend” they ‘care’ about Health
Care. They NEVER have, They NEVER Will. Period. Do
Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200. Their “Plan” is Fuck
Off & Die. They’ve Had, Over 60 Years to have a “Plan”
They DO NOT. And no Amount Of Lying Can Change it

Have a day!

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