I’m Pregnant! April Fools. I’m Just Really

really really Fat. But Seriously, only 29%

(<-The 29%)

of all American’s think that trump Didn’t

“Obstruct”. Let THAT “Sink” In. We have

19-29% of People in The USA who’re SO

fucking crazy. Or as Orange Anus calls it,

“his base”. And as His Legal issues in the

Southern District of NYC are about to Hit

And as that Happens, we have some very

Serious “Security Breaches” in The White

House. Well, NO SHIT!?! They Have since

(We know)

day one! No Matter, This is A Cautionary

tale as old as Timeitself. It’s like a driver

not checking their Blind Spot…if the spot

was 8 billion feet wide. Oooooooooooops

You Vote, Vote, Vote. “Educate Yourself” On Policies
For Every Candidate. Then, You Know What You Get

Have a day!


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