Christchurch, In ‘New Zealand’, Suffered

the worst terrorist attack in their history


49 are dead never to return. Another 48

were Injured. He sited Trump, Used The

exact same Words as him & called him a

“A symbol of renewed white Identity and

common purpose”. This Must End, And it

has No Place In Our Society. And, Trump

goes on To KEEP STOKING It Afterwards

claiming “NO Threat, it is a Small Group”

Our Hearts Have no More Pieces To Give

From Being Broken. This Horrific, Insane

(We all do)

white supremacist Terrorist act hurts us

most. Take your “Thoughts and prayers”

or your “No One Could Have Saw this at

all coming” or “Hey don’t blame guns or

Trump For This” Or “It, Is Mental Illness”


Is Unacceptable. The Entire World, Must

collectively push back on those who help

(We Know)

promote, stoke, Encourage, aid, Support

or Actively “engage” in it. NO MORE. This

hate ideology IS the cause of 92% of all

Domestic Terrorism In The United States

In 2018, it was 100%. ANY Extremism is

wrong/evil. Far Right-Wing racists will all

be called out & face severe consequences

Social Media MUST be Overhauled, or We

will see This Evil Happening more & more

And THEY’ll be directly responsible as well

NOTE: International Climate Strike Today Was A Large
Group Of Hero’s Calling Out a Serious Problem we Face

Have a St. Patrick’s Day Weekend!


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