Lying Toddler was just slapped on his Tiny

hateful “Pussy Grubbing” Hands by Our US


Senate 59-41. They are just 8 Republicans

shy of “over-riding” his Veto. My guess, he

will freak out on the 12 who Flipped and it

will cause Others in Races they will lose or

have to serve him again in Office to Flip as

well. He’s painted in a big, Fat, Corner. He

isn’t Intelligent & the Harder he pushes for

An ‘Unconstitutional’ Fake Emergency, The

worse it Gets For Him. Fine, by, Me. NONE

of this ends well for him or our Country. It

(Racist Nazi)

is yet another Example of him Inciting the

others in our Country, to “Commit” Acts of

violence Against People. This Shit, Will Not

stand. He “Lumped” Military, AND Police In

with the “Bikers for Trump”. Ooooooooops!

NOTE: House Passes Bill To Ensure Release Of The
Mueller Findings. Senate then Blocks It. Vote every
REPUBLICAN Out of Office YESTERDAY, For this shit

Have a day!


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