Manafort did NOT get another 10 years in

his sentencing Today. Proving Once Again

(<-Lying Lawyers)

there are two Justice systems. One for you,

and one for the Wealthy. Only 3.5 years of

jail for The Countries Most Treasonous vile

criminal (7.5 Total, Disgusting). Was about

to Lose My Mind, When Right After her Big

sentencing statement “New Charges” were

brought Up By The Manhattan DA. He Now

faces up to 25 MORE “Years” for The Three

Charges. Ooooooops. He Deserves the Rest

of Life in ‘Prison’ For What He Did. He MUST

(Bye asshole!)

be made an example; period. Oh & speakin

of “Examples”, in the Brexit vote they have

Now Taken The “No Deal” Off The Table for

Good. WHOOOOO HOOOO! Sanity, has now

been restored. They will Vote Tomorrow to

“Extend” article 50. Does Not Matter if that

passes or doesn’t. All it means is an end to

a bunch of moron Lunatics who Know Fuck

all of how Policy, Economics, Trade & Facts

work. It, is, Dead. No More Lying Con-Men

(Nope, done!)

A Hateful Racist Dog’ll howl When Exposed

& FOX’s Lil Shit Cucker Tarlson, Is Howling

hard. And now, right on que, comes his big

“I’m Innocent”. He’ll be fired but not cause

of his HATE, Oh No. It’s Just Bad For FOX’s

Ad Revenue. And, ‘THAT’ Will Cost Him The

job. Oh and he’s really just a big bag of shit

Have a day!


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