As the Orange Shit-stain on the “Wall of

Life” Continues His Immolation, we Now


find out he Was “Signing Bibles” just the

other day. Yes, you read that right. WTF

You know on any moral scale I’m looking

for the guy who’s hatefully Racist & “raw

dogged” a Porn Star cheating on his wife

WHILE She Was Pregnant, as MY “moral”

compass. Pretty sure the “sins” in the 10

Commandments are at 3 for him now all

in One Event. Not even including, “Lying”

at such a rate where he claimed he never

(Fucking idiot)

called Tim Cook, “Tim Apple” Because it

was saving time. He called it ‘Fake news’


I’ll be On WGN Radio tonight at midnight

with Patti Vasquez Talking about This big

Benefit in Aurora on Sat, the 16th. Go To

my “Shows” tab, come on out & have fun

NOTE: Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Want To “Impeach Trump”
Any Guesses WHY?! $, $, $ & Power. See, She, And All
Her Corporate Dems Can Raise $ Off Him, & Think He’s
“Good For Business”. Ergo, He’s the Devil we Know and
Can Deal With Him. “Progressives” will Be Very PISSED
She’s Dead Wrong Here, And It Will Cost All of America
NOTE II: Fucker Tarlson Sayin’ Horribly Racist Shit was
Caught Saying Horrible Shit About Woman Now. Ooops

Have a day!


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