Somedays we all feel like R Kelly screaming

incoherently, into a camera about “sexually”

(Loud noises!)

abusing under-aged girls. Let me update his

thoughts: “They’re lying on me…..and I, was

lying on top of them”. ZING! Too Soon?!?!?!

Speaking Guilty beyond all doubt, it seems a

loud Fat Criminal Orange Shit-Stain does not

know Who Tim Cook is…..and called him Tim

Apple. HA! Let That, Sink in. What A Maroon

And in Our “You Are Avoiding Answering The

(<-Immoral Villain)

Question because you are A lying sociopath”

segment. DHS & Evil villain Kirstjen Nielsen

seems to have no Heart/compassion/human

functions in her body. How utterly disgustin’

NOTE: Manafort Sentencing Begins Today And King
LYING Asshole Came Into The Court Room In A BIG
Wheel Chair. WTF?!?! Jail Him for the rest of his life
UPDATE He was only given 47 months(4 years) and
Judge Ellis “IGNORED” his Legal duty. This is utterly
Disgusting. Ellis Should Be removed from the Bench

Have a day!


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