The other 1/3 must be blind, insane, Racist,

dumb, Criminals as well…….or all FIVE. This

(No shit!)

comes as no Shock to Anyone & the kicker

was The Poll Asked, “BEFORE taking office”

Ha ha ha ha ha! Now that Really is a Thing

to behold. And between a known “Fixer” &

liar Before In Cohen, Folks Trust him more

50% To 35%. ZING! As Cohen Hands over

all the “smocking guns” anyone could ever

Dream Of, To Congress Committees in The

form of Documents; His ‘Orange Fuckness’

keeps losing his already Gone mind. Oh, &


speaking of “gone”, 60’s wanna be Batman

villain Rodger Stone looks to have violated

his “gag order”. Ooooooops. These Clowns

are ALL undone. Nowhere to Run now Kids

Hope you had A nice “Well Kiss My Asssssh

Wednesday!”. Go Do somethin’ great today

NOTE: Ex-FOX Guy, Bernie Goldberg. Just Yelled
The Rotten Recipe Of FOX’s Partisan Lies. And It
Hit Like A Ton Of Bricks. Bravo. Shine A Light On
This All. Journalism Is Not Dead, Yet. This is Just
the Beginning. You, Mark My Independent Words
NOTE II: R Kelly ‘Believes’ He Can LIE. It Got SO
Bad, He’s Now Taken Into Custody. Justice Wins!

Have a day!


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