As the whiner & thief keeps complaining

About “Presidential Harassment”. Ahem,

(Criminal crybaby)

how About American Citizens Claim The

same from him?!?! It’s called the rule of

law. While Ex-White House lawyer Ty “I

am Related to The Older Racist Baseball

player guy” Cobb explains Mueller is the

“hero” in this story; Democrats are all in

the “Investigation Beginning” Phases. It

signals this Will Not Ever be Going Away

(“I say, I say”)

And, in many ways also Clearly Shows it

is Just getting “Started”. While all this is

driving a nut nuttier, we have GOP’er all

Turning, On Trump’s Bullshit Emergency

NOTE: Now, we know “WHY” Michael Jackson’s place
Was Called “Neverland”. Never ‘Talk’ About It. Never
Testify Against Him. Never, shower Alone. And Never
forget the time ya were fucked in ur asshole as A Kid

Have a day!


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