Undone Unstable Madness…

March 4th, 2019

As the Orange Felon did his Jabbering

Lunatic Douche-Sicle Routine At CPAC


on Saturday complete with flag huggin

non Sequitur incoherent piles of words

that made, no, sense…….what-so-ever

As the Adderall loaded Fat idiot Top lip

sweat rambling fool spewed the insane

Stuff Like “I’m in love, you’re in love &

we’re all In love together”, “He’s a bad,

baaaaad, baaaaaad guy(Mueller)”, “We

Don’t Use AirOplanes Anymore!”, “This

speech should have been delivered one


year From Now……NOT NOW DAMMIT!

Cause they’re grant together….they’re

gonna Say ‘You know this Guy is really

laying for us'”. In what will likely all go

down as his “last big” Routine before a

series of charges & family members all

go down Ending with him, he’s at least

enjoying his last Days of his “Freedom”

NOTE: Actor, Luke Perry, Has Sadly Died At The
Age Of 52 From A Stroke. Get Check-ups And Be
Aware of Symptoms. What a Very, Very Sad Day
NOTE II: Everyone, Is Looking Into ALL Trumpys
Taxes & Finances. That’s End Game. Ooooooops!
NOTE III: Alabama Tornado, Kills 23 People, And
Causes Damage. Deadliest Since May 2013 in OK

Have a day!


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