What’s that, you didn’t Watch the Grammy’s last

night Like 89% Of America?!?!? People Are More

(We Know)

interested in How Jeff Bezo’s Got “White Mailed”

with Dick Pics. Seems A Pecker tried to give him

the Ol Shaft. He was Trying to ‘White Male’ Jeffy

Actually At Lil Peckers Request it was One Dylan

Howard Of AMI Who Sent the “Extortion” E-mail

Never thought I’d say it, but Bezo’s fessing up &

Coming Out Quickly TOOK All The Power From A

group Of “Blackmailing” Assholes. And As We All

know, Pecker Has A ‘Stiffy’ For 1 Orange Douche


Nozzle, Named T-Rump. Oh, Speaking Of, Other

Distractions, The Black Face State Of Virginia, is

still dealing With a Governor Who Is Batshitnuts

He refuses To Step Down, trying the Trump Way

of Plugging His Ears “La La La, I Can’t Hear You!”

His latest “Interview” didn’t go so Well. And why

is happening? Well, because his Lt Governor and

the guy “Beneath” Him, are ALL in just as bad of

(Oh Shit)

trouble. What’s In Virginia’s Water? Bigotry And

“Let’s Get Accused Of Rape” toxins?!?!?!?! WTF?

NOTE: A Democrat Amy Klobuchar Is Running For POTUS
And Clearly, She’s Not Taking Any Shit From Orange ASS
Also Elizabeth Warren Is Now In The Race As Well. COOL
Then Again, Democrats Might Not Be, Facing Rump, After
Mueller Gets Done With Him / Don Jr / Kushner / OTHERS

Have a day!

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