Tonight’s weather’s clear skies and around

258lbs Fat, Stupid & Criminal with a 100%

(Fat Air)

chance of lies. It’ll likely Continue til Jailed

As the Orange Douche-sicle does his Shitty

impression of a human being tonight, I will

be Doing Something Constructive. Reading

a book, then catchin’ up on shows and also

playing RDR 2. As all this shit is happening

around us, the entire “game” is over. There

is no “Trump Won’t go to Jail”, or “Oh, they

don’t send rich people to jail”. All of Rumps

(“I did it!”)

Inaugural Committee was Subpoenaed. Yes

you read that correctly. And, What are They

“Charged With”? Conspiracy Against the US,

Wire Fraud And “Money Laundering” Just to

name a few. THAT was the big one and that

means Mueller knows it as well. There’s NO

“recovery” from this. No Way They all don’t

go Down/go to Jail. And they deserve it ALL

They’re Horrifically Anti-American Criminals

NOTE: FOX ‘Noise’ Demonstrates, They Do Not Know
How “Polls” Work. 76% Of Americans want to tax the
Very Rich And That Number, Is Growing, Even Among
Republicans (54%). Republicans, Are All SO FUCKED!
NOTE II: Tom Ricketts Racist Father “Might” Be A BIG
Problem For A “Company” In The Cubs, That He Owns
Then Again, He DID The Usual “Racist Non – Apology”
He’s 77, Still Racist As Fuck & Is ‘Hurt’ He Was Caught

Have a day!

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