FBI Investigation & Prick…

October 1st, 2018

The FBI investigation will fully find out what

did happen with Dr Ford, and the two ‘Other’

(Law’s comin)

accusers. If it’s a “Sham” investigation which

means a “political stunt” by the far Trumpian

Right (Hatch, Graham) It Still Won’t satisfy a

group of About 10 Moderate Republicans and

allow a “Yes” Vote On Kavanaugh. Think Of it

like idiots Playing “Chicken”, twice when they

lost badly the First time. See Flake & crew all

asked for this to “Help” them decide. If all the

(& growing)

other Partisan Hateful R’s do not allow it that,

likely Means A “No” Vote. And, With Midterms

looming, means even Trying to shove another

nominee through, won’t work (ran outta time)

And, w/the FBI Tirelessly working away to get

all the facts, And They Will, you have Shit like

This From The Orange Lying Anus. Disgusting

And now his New “Love” Is Of A Dictator lying

(1 more lie!)

prick little man. How fitting. Get him out Now

His New “NAFTA 2.0” will only Serve all of his

interests of big business, this is another scam

NOTE: The Chicago Bears Offense, Looked Like A
Real NFL ‘High Powered Offense’. Let’s Hope This
Stays That Way For The Entire Season everybody
NOTE II: Kayne West, doesn’t care about History,
facts, reality or Fellow Citizens. The $ he made is
FAR ‘More’ Important, Than Truth/Justice, In USA

Have a day!

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