Trump Is Terrified…

July 30th, 2018

And he should be. At this point they don’t

Even Need Manafort. Which Means Either


Manafort gives them something new or he

dies in Jail. In Usual Trump “Batshitcrazy”

fashion, his tweets are lunatic, showing he

knows His End Is Here. Trump & everyone

around him won’t get much Sleep In these

Next 2-3 Weeks. As Rudy Goulani AKA Mr.

Nosferatu who lies more than a rug makes

his claim that “Collusion isn’t a crime” (ah

yes it most certainly is when you’re workin


directly with a hostel Foreign Government

to directly effect our ELECTION!). They’re

in Full On, Panic Mode. Oh & You Can Bet

Trump, His Trolls & All His Republican’s in

office will either A) try to distract avoiding

these stark Realities or B) Remain silent &

try to Pretend they never loved Trump yet

supported Him & Voted YES To Everything

he purposed. This, likely Ends Republicans

NOTE: Roy Moore Got ‘Punked’ Hard By Sasha
Cohen. It is A Things Of Brilliance, And He Has
Set A New Bar For Social Satire. Well…….Bravo
NOTE II: A Racist FLA Man Who Killed Another
Man In Cold Blood Was Not In “danger” or fear
Of “Death”, Or “Bodily Harm”. He, “Committed”
Murder, Period. He, Will Be Found Guilty, Folks

Have a day!

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