Trump Is Finished…

July 27th, 2018

If you read me here, you know I’ve told

you Again & Again & Again That Trump

(We Know)

would go down. We are now right there

Cohen Told Investigators, “Trump knew

about Secret Russian Meeting”. Oh Fuck

that’s the end. Game over; he’s screwed

There’s no Recovery from here and they

all Know it. It’s Why Ya See Republicans

losing Their Tiny Minds Right Now. They

all Know Trump & Everyone Around Him

are Undone. “Imagine” what Mueller Has

on Him “ALREADY”, And, Now All Of This

(We Know)

You will See in the Coming days an utter

evacuation Of Republicans Scurrying For

cover lying with “I never liked him in the

1st place” While Voting for everything he

Demanded /’Publicly Supported’ Him. His

entire life’s over. Tick tock, get me a coke

NOTE: Yachts Of Fun. Betsy DeVos Had One
Of Her NINE Yachts Get Detached, & Floating
Into Rocks. Vandalism Is Wrong, But Boy OH
Boy AM I NOT ‘Crying’ For That Low Life POS
NOTE II: “Fox’s” Kimberly Guilfoyle left about
A Week Ago, To Help Do Propaganda For Don
Jr. But ‘Turns Out’ She Wanted To Be Just As
Vile As The Men, Being, An Alleged “Harasser”
She Went Around Showing “Dick Pics” To ALL
Those Walls Have Closed in & it’s all over kids

Have a weekend!

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