Michael Cohen’s Tape Is very Devastating for

Trump. And there Are More Tapes, way more


Trumps response: “What you’re Seein & what

you’re readin’ isn’t what’s happening”. Ah yes

the Old, “Pay No Attention To The Man Behind

the curtain” defense. It’s not any defense then

And the reich wing now are all losing their tiny

Minds, With “Lies”. Judge Napolitano, Hit Hard

The Entire Trump/Republican “Plan”, Seems to

be “Hey let’s just shoot the messenger” fallacy

They are trying to fire Rod Rosenstein. Why?!?

Well, it Seems they ALL know That Trump and

Crew are going Down. These are the final days

NOTE: A New Hero Rises. She, Stays On The Plane
In The Face, Of Others Yelling To Protect A Man For
Being Deported, Back, To Afghanistan. VERY Brave!
NOTE II: Sean Spicer Gets Correctly Called Out For
The Lying, “Enabling Soulless Fraud”, He Was Under
Trump by BBC Reporter While Plugin a Bullshit Book
NEWS: Alex Jones, Video’s Get ‘Pulled’ For Violating
YouTube Standards And Practices. It Is, About Time

Have a day!

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