Sessions In Deep…

July 24th, 2018

In a speech to High Schoolers, Jeff “I’m

A Racist Pile Of Shit Un-American Scum

(Jail Bird Soon)

Sucker” Sessions, Had His “Big” speech

interrupted by “Lock Her Up” chants. It

is the lowest we as a society have been

in Decades. Knowing W. Bush Was Also

In office. THINK About That for Second

This is Dangerously Serious Shit That is

happening. When A lunatic’s threatenin’

Mueller with violence, Trump Offering a

“relief package” to farmers HE hurt with

(Policies Win!)

his Fucking Tariffs, & All Of The ENTIRE

Establishment Attack Cortez Cause Her

Policies Win, Landslide Elections (Please

see FDR with a record 4 Terms in office)

Days will get Better, only if we all VOTE!

NOTE: Republican Chairman “Points Out” That
“Sound Reasons” Used To Spy On Carter Page

Have a day!

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