Laughing Stocks…

July 23rd, 2018

With Tiny Hands Tweeting In all caps he

is surely As Unstable as A Table with two

(Child Vomit)

legs. But the Entire world knows what he

just did last Week with Putin. It’s not lost

on anyone. In a Debate, racist Dixie lovin

Confederate “Flag Supporting” Republican

Corey Stewart got laughed out of a Room

during a Debate. He Tried To “Claim” that

Trump was, “Standing up to the Russians”

That’s when the Ex – VP Candidate Timmy


Kane also Laughed. These People are ALL

utterly detached from Reality. All of them

NOTE: Sasha Cohen, Just Elevated His Satire
And Hit, A New Standard. It’s Simply Perfect
Watch The Clip, & I’d Say ‘Republicans’ Have
Hit A New Low. But The Days Not Over…..Yet
NOTE II: Acid Attack on Toddler They Should
Be thrown In Jail Forever All Utter Sociopaths
UPDATE: Alex Jones Just Broke The Law. Ha!
Of COURSE He Did. He, Just ‘Threatened’ Bob
Mueller With His Finger Pointed As A Gun?!?!?

Have a day!

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