As Trump continues his daily war with the truth

and reality, in the Real World Mueller, and all of

(“Fake Nudes!”)

the DOJ are humming along With Convictions &

now a new charge against this kremlin operative

named Maria Butina. Oooooooooooooooooooops

She was the NRA’s poster child, asked Trumpy a

couple of Questions and was working directly for

Putin/Kremlin. And Who did She inflitrate?!?!?!?

The Right Wing Republican’s, Of the NRA, & ALL

their Current/ex politicians. Ooooooooooooooops

Speaking Of, “Holy Shit, Republicans Are Insane”


Sasha Cohen not only Punked Them hard, he did

a level of Social Satire That Will be the New Gold

Standard. The Fact That the Morons who Did this

Pro-Gun Propaganda SO Easily, is Overtly Telling

NOTE: a “White House Staffer” Resigns over Trump
Lying SO Constantly, And, Never Telling The TRUTH
BOOM! Mic Drop By Beck Dorey-Stein Here. Perfect
NOTE II: Down Goes R-Jim Jordan, Likely. Ah When
The Lawyers Start “Deposing” You…a Fat Lady Sings

Have a day!

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