“Stone” Cold BUSTED!

July 13th, 2018

As the lying Racist Orange Anus Spews His

hate, lies and attacks the very fabric of our

(We Know)

countries laws/values/rules……his days are

numbered. Mueller Just Busted 12 Russian

“Intelligence Officers”, Charged, & Indicted

for hacking the 2016 US Election. Ooooops

And guess what, Rodger Stone Trumps big

“confidant” who directly “interacted” with 1

of the hackers indicted, is Now Back On the

hot seat. It’s almost all over now. Tick Tock

NOTE: Europe, Doesn’t Want Trump There &
Boy Does It Show Protests Erupt Against The
Orange Anus. Things, Will Get Worse For Him

Have a weekend!

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