It seems the Far Right Wing of hate is losing

very Badly These Days. See, they don’t ever

(Bye bye dick!)

understand the rules of governance because

their Overt ignorant Hate Takes no rigor but

understanding the rules/facts sure does. It’s

what Racists Do/Are. Well is Seems Britian’s

May is Economically “Trying” to do the Right

(She’s way FAR from doing all the rightstuff)

thing here. Which has pissed off the far right

wing racists Forcing them to Quit. Boris “The

(Same in UK)

Raw Hotdog Racist” Johnson quit along with

others. May is Sending A Clear Message that

she ‘Will Build Political Allies’ In Government

who won’t Tolerate this Racist Hate, lies and

reformation Of Nazism. No, No, No, no More

A Republican White Nationalist Is now trying

to “pretend” he is NOT a Racist POS. Oh boy,

they aren’t even tryin’ 2 hide it anymore and

(History of hate)

that’s A great thing. Their Party’s Utterly over

It always what the Southern Strategy shithole

NOTE: Tonight The Orange Anus Will Play Games
With His SCOTUS Pick, ‘Tonight’. No Matter As He
Always Does, Will Fuck It Up, Royally. Boooooooo

Have a day!

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