Hope your 4th Was Awesome and you lit

no short wicks or are missing any fingers

(Yeah Baby!)

It was such Great Fun Going To the Cubs

game & saw some fireworks. But we also

lost someone In our Family suddenly in a

tragic Sudden Event. It’s so very Sad and

now Our ‘Family’ Must All Stay That Much

Closer, Hold Each Other Tighter And Must

deal with this sadness every day. Speakin

of Terrible Shit Happening, our Entire Big

Country Is sick and Tired of Trump/All Of

(“I’m gone!”)

his Insane Lying Corrupt Minions. Scotty

Pruitt is GONE. He’s also going to have a

bunch of felonies pending. What was this

amazing Moment where this corrupt lyin

asshole was confronted Civilly by a voter

pointing out His ignorance, Hate and lies

Trump & crew Are ALL so fucked. Voters

aren’t buying their utter bullshit lies they

are Selling & Fed Up. Tick tock, tick tock!

(No More!)

Citizens lives aren’t some Game to just be

fucked Around With. This shit Won’t Stand

NOTE: Alan Dershowitz, Simply ‘Being’ Publicly
Shamed For Loathsome Views Isn’t A Violation
Of His “Rights”, Or ‘Hurt’ His Career. When You
Say Horrible Shit Private Citizens Choosing Not
2 Associate With Your Vile Assholeishness Isn’t
State-Sanctioned, American Apartheid. It’s Just
Other Human beings who Think You’re Vile Shit
NOTE II: Nazi Racist GOP’er, Oh How Expected
RIP: Ed Schultz Passed Away At 64 & was a big
Progressive Voice. More, Are Coming Every Day

Have a day!

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