Republican Wreaker Of The House Paul Ryan

is leaving cause he knows he’s gettin’ housed

(<-Whore For The 1%)

He would be nationally humiliated (As if he is

not already?!?!?) & wants NO part of that. So,

he’s running Away to either take A) a lobbyin’

job or B) “Lawn Jockey” for the Koch brothers

So long you Gutless lying Partisan Fraud Prick

who solely Worked for the Top 1%, racking up

massive Deficits and “Lying” About everything

He will not even Be Remembered what so ever

<-Sewage Plant)

in any Honest, Productive Way. So long ya shit

And ALL He Did Was Pass Tax Cuts, then leave

as EVERYONE Already ‘Told You’ he Was doing

and he lied about that every day, until…

Speaking of Fuckers trying run before their day

in Court is Coming fast, Trumpy decided to use

his idea Of Never “Telling The Enemy What we

are doing”….by telling Putin & Syria what we’re

doing. WTF?!?! This man and the entire TeaOP

(So long)

are undone. It’s over. They’re on deaths door so

you will be watching them pull the Plug & Hiding

NOTE: Trump Always Said, “I don’t tell Folks What
I’m gonna do” Now Telegraphing A Syrian Bombin’
OR, He Could Get Any Attack Coordinates, Directly
From Putin Himself, Hitting An Abandoned Place, &
Makin’ Sure its Insured For Millions Ahead Of Time
NOTE II: John Boehner Boy Is Now Mr. 4/20?!?!?!?
He Is Now Supporting Weed Legalization And I Got
To Say……..COOL! He Was Clearly Just An Actor For
Pay Playing The ‘Republican Villain’. I Idea Is Being
On The Right Side Of History & Proper Legalization
IS The Future For This Regulated, Taxable, Windfall
UPDATE: Even Republican Congressman, Who Goes
On FOX Defending Trump Says This shit “I wish the
motherfucker would just go away we’re goin to lose
the House, lose the Senate & lose a bunch of states
because of him…he’s taking us all down……fuck him”

Have a day!

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