Sorry I didn’t post on Thursday and Friday

I Had Severe Food Poisoning Hurling Non-

(All Weekend)

Stop. I’m back and ready to tell you about

The Final, Trump Administration Blow. The

FBI just Executed multiple warrants Today

on Michael Cohn. They Raided his Office &

his Home. OH BOY they Are ALL so fucked

Imagine the “stuff” they know exists they’ll

find; and think of the shit they know Exists

that Cohn Tried to get rid of/destroy that is


already Documented As having Existed. Oh

Doctor, now you Got Him on every possible

charge in existence. If Cohn does not flip &

they already have limitless Shit On Him, HE

goes to jail for 40+ years on “many” counts

They don’t “Need” him to Get Trump, but it

is Clear They “HAVE” Him & Other Limitless

shit. No one’ll “Stand” near Trump anymore

(<-Referred by)

And this action was by US Attorney of NYC

only “Referred” by Mueller. Ohhhhhhh boy

Guess MAGA Means: “Many Attorney’s Get

Attorney’s”. Ooooooooooooooooooooooops

NOTE: Sean Hannity’s Day Are Numbered Now
After A Failed “Twitter War” With ABC’s Jimmy
Kimmel, The Hard Right Wing Echo Chamber o
Lies Isn’t “Selling” Ads Anymore a Failed Model

Have a day!

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