Figured I would post this for you guys. It’s just

(Don’t Baaver)

a review I did for his 1st Special In 7 Years and

it’s Something I Normally Don’t Do at all. Enjoy

Don’t normally comment on comedian specials, because I know how hard
they are to Do/Produce/Create. Here goes. Just “watched” Ricky Gervais’s
Humanity lastnight. Really just shocked me as being such a lonely sad and
dysfunctional “experience”. It was like “listening” to some Old out of touch
asshole billionaire complainin at the smell $100’s make as he uses them to
light up his cigar, then extinguish it on a happy baby’s face thinkin it’s just
so “hilarious”. There’s almost no punchline, lots of punch. Aside from a few
jokes About Ridgebacks, Catlin Jenner (The beginning part), And ‘Floating’
testicles, it was a man complainin about topics he has no actual experience
with. All while rehashing old jokes about having kids/poor families done so
much better by Python, WC Fields, Youngman, Carlin, Pryor, Williams, and
Chapelle. Any good comedian knows the visual difference in the formats of
film & stand-up for the correct impact/story. Most all of it was no set up, no
depth, no layering, no turn and no writin. It was a lazy, shallow, needlessly
cruel, punching down work of a wealthy thin skinned guy railing about how
“awful” cultural sensitivity it all while being “hyper sensitive” himself. To an
audience of 1. It also Seems That he has just spent his last seven years on
Twitter baiting & trolling people, then Attacking Them. Makes Lenny Bruce
reading his legal cases intellectually “riveting” by comparison; and boy they
weren’t. As any good comic would tell you, try takin your own fuckin advice.
If you can’t even do that, why are you dispensing it?!? As a Gervais fan, he’s
using the only lens he has available right now…and it’s about as¬†relatable as
Monty Burns on steroids. The Title of his show is what he clearly lacks most
today……and it’s the most Elemental¬†ingredient in ANY great comedy today

If you watch it, you were warned. It’s just not as

good as His Earlier Work, Period. Meh…..Rarely is

Have a weekend!

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