If you’re attacking the Parkland victims, you are

telling the world A) I don’t Have any solutions or

(He Won!)

ideas to solve this problem and B) I’m a horribly

despicable Immoral Bag Of Shit. Laura Alt-Right

Bigot Asshole Ingraham, Lost 3 Advertisers And

counting. Oooooooooops. Seems if You’re a BIG

asshole, that doesn’t “Sell well”. Said it before &

I’ll say it Again. They lost, Badly. This never was

a “debate”. There was not rational opposing side

or Ideas to Solve This Problem. The other side is

(We Know!)

thoughtful, Open, Honest, engaged and ready to

fight, Solving This Problem. This, Gives Me HOPE

NOTE: White Sox Baseball Opener Today They Are
Winning 8-4 Right Now……With A Slew Of “Dingers”
(They went on to Win 14-7 Which Is Just Amazing)
NOTE II: The “BEST” Thing You Will See….On Late
Nite Television’s Dana Carvey “Doing” John Bolton
Welcome Back My Brilliant Friend, Ya Just Nailed it

Have a day!

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