We’re back! Sorry about Yesterday, workin’ on

a big Upcoming Project & needed full attention


It seems you’d have to be either dead or Trump

to not have seen Stormy On 60 Minutes. She is

far more Honest, Articulate and Specific Than a

sitting President. But Let Us Be Honest. That Is

everyone These Days. She Pointed Out 3 things

that were huge. One, Confirmed they did it and

when Melania Was Knocked Up. Two, She’s got

proof. And three, They Threatened her And also

paid Her “Campaign Hush Money”. All Of These

(Trump’s fucked)

are a MASSIVELY illegal, a Real no-no. It’s just

another in the even mountin’ saga to end them

The “March For Lives”…

This Weekend, “Signified” An Immense Culture

Shift. The NRA /Gun Nuts, Don’t Have A Debate

(They won!)

on their hands. That requires honesty, fairness

intellectual Rigor & Solutions. They Offer None

So It’s Simply Ad Hominem. That Means, They

already lost. The Policy Will Be Set By Those in

office who want to STAY In Office. If they don’t

they go. They Get Voted Out this November. It

is Telling, When The NRA/Gun Nuts Only “Real”

“Solution” to The Problem is: do nothing, more

guns and “let’s just attack those victims of gun

(Future’s bright!)

violence” lyin. & avoidin’ the issue. It’s the side

of people in History who LOST. Fine by me, the

young people Standing up are winning. We will

not ever Forget This “Moment”. It is pretty cool

Have a day!

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