Yes, Illinois survived another primary election

With all the Batshitcrazy Black and White Ads

(Oh Yeah!)

pumping creepy music, insane allegations and

someone approving of lunacy. Speaking of bat

Shit Crazy. Who Calls A Dictator You Are Now

being “investigated” as having direct financial

ties with after a fixed Election?!?!?!? Trumpy!

The entire conversation Was Leaked And Boy

is Trump ‘Freaking Out’. All His Best Advisors

warned him NOT to. He “ignored” them cause

he is “OWNED” By Putin. Period. Every Person

(“I love you!”)

knows Putin has Something Big on him, that’s

not In Question. Ex-CIA Brennon Knows It, &

we ALL Do. Speaking Of “Hosed”, Zuckerberg

is royally Zucked. The Very Thing He rode like

a rocket to stardom, just Crash Landed due to

greed, Hubris, And Ignorance. The very social

Platform he “Created”, will be used to call him

out daily. Irony. Oh, and This Just in; McCabe

had An “Investigation” Going on about Jeffery

(“Guilty! Wait, no”)

Sessions. And So, Jeff Terminated him?!?!?!?!

Ooooooooooooooops. They Are ALL so fucked

NOTE: Austin Texas “Bomber” Is Dead, But We
Don’t Know If He Set “Other” Bombs, So Please
Be Vigilant Texas. He Was, A 24 Year Old White
Conservative, Anti-Gay, Anti-Abortion Terrorist
He Was Also Pro-Death Penalty. Gee A Pro-Life
Pro-Death Penalty, Terrorist Murderer. How So
Insanely Ignorant! This Is, ‘Domestic Terrorism’
Period. All The Facts Will Come Out, & It Is Sad

Have a day!

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