Everyone Around The State Of Illinois Today

should ALL Go Out and VOTE! Elect only the

(Sure did!)

best folks who represent exactly what you all

want. I’m Looking For Progress, & The Future

Speaking of electing Treasonous sacks of shit

Trump is so Royally Fucked now. It is all over

for him. He Is Not ‘Like’ Nixon Whatsoever in

history. Here’s what Nixon Had going for him

-Cox was just starting out, not nearly far along
-There was no Grand Jury Impaneled then yet
-Nixon had something to Give with his “Tapes”
-There wasn’t ANY Indictments or Guilty Pleas
-Once Cox was Fired the place Ground to a halt
-They had no other proof aside from the tapes
-“Judges” ruled on this, not “Grand Jury’s” who
today have Exceptional Powers to Prosecute all
-In 1973 gettin’ warrants to “listen” in on or spy
was Much Harder Then it is to do today for FBI

Now, here’s the massive Differences TODAY:


-Mueller isn’t “Starting Out”, he’s Wrapping up
-He’s got their Tax Returns/Financials since ’16
-Already Issued Indictments & Has Guilty Pleas
-Legally appeased Courts with a No Knock Raid
-Already has All the Testimony/facts from every
Criminal he’s already interviewed Meaning that
he needs “NOTHIN'” from dickhead Donny Boy
just him to walk in and lie likes he’s Going to do
-Welcomes Trump or AG “Firing” him as it then
“Speeds” up the Entire Process Since the Grand
Jury can Compel a witness to Testify, therefor it
would then jail Trump if he doesn’t testify. They
can then Indict Him On “Obstruction Of Justice”
-It is ’18 not 1973 where everything is recorded
with Proper Legal Warrants/FISA Court Rulings
That WERE ALL Obtained, Legally And Lawfully

Believe it or not, Trump and everyone around

him Know these facts. They All do. That’s why

his “Lawyers” got A ton of “lawyers”. And that

Is why he Hired A lunatic TV Lawyer who just

spews lies/Conspiracy Theories. Trump Is The

Drunk Orange Bear In The “Trap”. No amount

of gnawing your own leg off will save you now


And, the Only Person worried About your trail

of blood is, Putin…….it leads right back to him

NOTE : ANOTHER “School Shooting” Another Day
This Lunacy MUST End Now. Every Day Another 1
Happens In Our Country. Utterly Unacceptable!!!!!
NOTE II: Yesss, They Likely Got, Trump Dick PICS
Let THAT Torture Your Mind, For A Second. Ohhhh
NO! 60 Minutes Has It. I’ll Pay To Never See Them
UPDATE: Missouri “Anti-Abortion” Law, Blocked By
Judge As UnConstitutional, Because Roe Vs. Wade

Have a day!

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