Louis Farrakhan is simply The Racist Nazi Alt-Right

in black Face With A Bow Tie. He is the exact same

(This Much Racist!)

hateful Views, Just With Another Color. He’d Really

get along Fine With The Racists Because they all do

share their views of Racist Hate. Doesn’t matter the

color Of The Racist. ALL Racists Suck. They’re LAZY

See, They Figure “Man, I do NOT Wanna judge each

(We Know)

person Case By Case….I want to say Fuck that noise

and so I’ll make it easier with blanketed fast Racism”

NOTE: No, Video Games Aren’t The Root Cause For The
Mass Shootings/Gun Violence. Trump, And All Of These
NRA “Whores” Will “Ignore” EVERYTHING But The Guns
NOTE II : Trump Meeting With Kim Jong Un. Oh Boy Hi
League Of Lunkheads. Trump Is Doing This Solely For A
Boost Of HIS Image. This Is ‘The Only Time’ Our Leader
Went Into A Meeting In A Weakened Position It’s A Trap
To Get Them, Trading Other Things. Oooooooooooooops

Have a weekend!

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