White House Consul Donald McGahn Has

placed the entire Drumpf White house on


“Felony Watch”. Trump asked him to fire

Mueller in July. And McGahn Told all this

to Mueller. Then McGahn Had to Remind

Orange anus he ordered this. Trump lied

again Claiming, He Never Did. So Donald

went Back Telling Mueller About Trump’s

denial. But that’s not all, it seems Chump

decided To Ask McGahn and Priebus bout

(We Know)

their “Interviews” With Mueller. Ooooops

And Both went Directly back to Mueller &

explained what He Did to Mueller. This is

damning. All this while Stormy Daniels is

poised to drop Orange Idiot Dick pic. Ahh

shit, I just Threw Up In My Mouth, then it

happened 7 More Times After Thinking of

it Again In Mind. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

(File Foto)

The Party of “Family Values” my Hairy ass

And trump will be their final demise; good

NOTE: Sorry, I Don’t Celebrate International
Woman’s Day. In Our House…You Don’t Just
Get A Day. Appreciation Is Year Round Right?

Have a day!

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