The entire White House these days looks more

like the Turnover rates at a Rendering Plant or

(Sure it is)

some Horribly Shitty Telemarketing Company

Economic adviser and plutocratic racist moron

enabler Gary Cohn’s gone. He said it was over

“tariffs”. It wasn’t. He stayed for racist lies, he

stayed for The Most lunatic bullshit shit on this

planet. He Got His “Tax Cuts”, For Him & All of

his friends, see’s what’s Coming for Trump and

all of his felonious frauds so he bolted. You will

see even way More Daily as they’re trying to all

(Oh, That)

leave ahead of What Mueller’s Got Coming and

you can bet, it’s for everyone left standin’. This

isn’t A Fucking game folks. Speakin’ of “games”

Turd Cruz is Playing a VERY Dangerous One In

Texas. Beto O’Rourke is Going to beat that man

and badly. It’s not just that Beto’s a progressive

it’s that he going District to District, listening to

every citizens needs, not taking any PAC $ from

anyone, And Offering Actual Policy Solutions To

(Good luck!)

HELP These Good People. And, What Did Teddy

Cruz Do?!?! Call Him Names. Oh Boy their first

debate is going to be a bloodbath. The only shit

Republicans have today are insults, smears and

personal attacks. No Policies, Solutions or ideas

to solve these voters problems. Beto “does” & it

will be Obvious. His Campaign Right Now is one

Great “Blueprint” On How To Run In Red States

(Time’s up)

LISTEN to your Voters, they want your Policies

Not insults, lies, Tax Cuts & games. Ooooooops

NOTE: Stormy Weather Now That She’s Suin’ The
Orange Anus Since He Never Signed The NDA And
That Means….Yes, Photos & Video Of That Fat Shit
Having Sex. He Fucks Up Our Country, Now Ruins
Our Eyeballs Forever. Naaaaaaaw Won’t Take That

Have a day!

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