It seems These Days most all Republicans are

either trying to law low or scream “Fake news”

(I’m Fake News)

One Crazy nutter named Claudia Tenney said,

“It’s interesting that so many of these people that
commit the massmurders end up bein Democrats.
But………the media doesn’t talk about that either”

That’d be Because it’s NOT true. She lied and

flat Out Made it Up, Like EVERY Republican Is

almost guilty of Today. When questioned bout

her “Overt lie” She yelled “Fake news” & RAN

Is that their new Tactic when caught in lies to

drop a smoke Pellet Batman Style Yell “FAKE”

then run Away. This is Utter lunacy people, &

we got Plenty of that With Sam Nunberg’s big

(Derp, Herp!)

mega massive meltdown. So the biggest take

away from His lying lunacy live all on MSNBC

was he is Trying to Protect Rodger Stone and

Steve Bannon. But, Also Likely Himself. They

are ALL going down as well. This isn’t a game

All, While, The Tribal Twit Tantrum Troll Says

“No Chaos, none. Nothing to see, we’re great”

It’s Keven Bacon yelling “All is well, all is well”

Speaking of ‘Corruption’, Nashville Democrat

(Corrupt shits!)

Mayor Megan Barry stole tax payer $, fucked

her security guard in an affair payin’ him and

is Resigning. What An immoral Corrupt Piece

of shit. We keep it Real here no parties ONLY

policies. Time is Running out. Tick tock folks!

NOTE: West Virgina’s Teachers Strike Is Really
Working. Their Chants?! Meh, Also Are For Me
But Only If You’re Born In The 80’s With We’re
Not Gonna Take It. Hope, It Is ALL A Fair Deal
NOTE II: Roy Moore Is Broke & Begging For A
Lot Of $….That Will Never Come. Ooooooooops
NOTE II : Lying Talking Troll Kellyanne Conjob
Violated The Hatch Act. Oooooooooooooooops!

Have a day!

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