It Seems Sam Nunberg Thinks that Grand Jury

“Subpoena’s”, Are Just “Optional” like Replying

(“Is this bad?!”)

to E-Vites, Or Additional Insurance For Rentals

He said & I Quote, “This is ridiculous! Should I

spend 80 Hours Going Over All my Emails with

Roger [Stone] and with Steve Bannon?”. Yes It

was that ‘Subpoena’ is for. It’s not a choice you

fucking insane Idiot. He Went on sayin this shit

“And then….they wanted emails that I had with

Hope Hicks….With Corey Lewandowski. Are You

giving me a Break?! It’s Ridiculous”. No it is not

ridiculous. You Just Openly Stated You will now


violated the law. But it gets better. He also said

“I am the first one in history to flat-out say, I’m

not going”. He continued, “I Think That he may

have Done Something during the election. But I

don’t know that for sure…Trump may have very

well done somethin during the election with the

Russians. If he Did That, I don’t know. If he did

that, it’s inexcusable if he did that”. They are all

FUCKED. They Are ALL going down. I have said

It here OFTEN. I’ll Say It Again. Kushner is over

Pence Is Over. Tilerson is Over. Sessions is over,

(Manafort & Stone)

Nunes Is over, Ryan is over, Don Jr is over and

finally Trump. Nunberg is Doing this “Solely” to

protect Rodger Stone(he likely did a ton of very

crooked Shit & doesn’t Want THAT To come out

so he is Fucked here. While Trump Tweets utter

lunacy “about” Obama, their entire lives circle a

large drain known as jail. This isn’t a game folks

(Just Watched his UTTER lunacy. on MSNBC Just
Moments Ago. Holy SHIT!! This Is Wildly INSANE
FYI- Mueller Has Charts Connecting Everyone IN
The Trump White House TODAY. This Is The End)

NOTE: RIP Music Store Legend Russ Solomon Dies
At 92. Watch Colin Hanks Doc All Things Must Pass

Have a day!

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