Seems Trump wants to place massive tariffs on

steel coming in from other Countries. Ohhhhhh

(“I’m an idiot!”)

good. That will make us more Competitive and

we will use more US Steel, right?!? Wrong, we

as the Market Will go to the lowest price with a

solid Outcome. Tariffs only Drive up Cost/price

that ALL gets Passed Along to the consumer. It

then gets Priced Out. That is Good. But Then if

we See What American Steel Costs, Versus Any

others in The Market W/O Tariffs, We Pick That

one. It is Macroeconomics 101, Which I Have a

degree in. Trumps ‘Nationalist Minions’, Not So

(Icy Waters)

much. “Speaking” of Unqualified Turds in a the

punch Bowl. Sinclair Broadcasting is ‘Simply’ A

‘Trump TV’ Only Propaganda Network At All Of

the ‘Local News Levels’. That Is Some Ultra Bad

William Randolph Hurst Scary Shit right there?!

NOTE : H.R McMasters, Looks To Be The NEXT
Rat, Off The Trumptanic. What A Collections Of
Immoral Assholes Swimming Against The Tides

Have a day!

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