Miller Meltdown & Implosion…

January 8th, 2018

By now you have all grasped a new

book out From Michael Wolff “titled”


“Fire And Fury”. And I’m Sure you

have “seen” A few Trumper talking

heads going on to shows to do the

old “Tap dance Non-denial lies” all

while Bullshitting. It’s Very bad for

some like Sam Nunberg “Went on”

drunk (You might too!). Lying nazi

Stephen Miller’s Lunatic ‘Filibuster’

instead of having an honest debate

was Nucking futs. Jake Tapper had

(“I said it”)

to cut him off After 12 Minutes of a

child stalling, Arguing and Avoiding

simple realities/questions. But that

isn’t the Worst. Trump is losing his

tiny Mind on Twitter Melting Down

into a Puddle Of Piss ready to be in

a tiny 10 X 10 Box. As the Days go

on For Tiny Orange Hands Fucko It

will Get worse, & worse & worse for

(Hot air BS)

every American; His Actions will all

get worse and causin serious issues

NOTE : A Judge, Rules FOR Terrorists
In The Bundy Case By Dismissing The
Charges? Ohhhhhhhhh OK, So It’s All
Good To Take Up Arms Against Payin’
Your FUCKING Taxes Wow Disgusting

Have a day!

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