Tax Tea-Torture Time…

November 29th, 2017

As no actual ‘debate’ occurs in the Senate

over the radically Unethical Tax Bill we all

(“Fuck off!”)

see it for what it is. Welfare for the top 1%

paid for by The Poorest Among Us While it

Stomps On An Already “Shrunken” Middle

Class. Every Citizen Should Be ‘Screaming’

from the Roof tops and their congressional

representatives Daily about This lunacy! It

is something So Heinous It Will end all the

so called ‘careers’ for every ‘Yes’ vote; shit

it’s already over In 2018 For Most. This act

(Scored 2 Low)

finishes the rest of them off for good. Well,

you Reap the Evil you Sow; so lick it All Up

NOTE: Matt Lauer The Latest Sexual Asshole
Caught. He’s A Real ‘Grade A Lousy’ Sack Of
Shit, With A Massive History, Of This Insanity
Read Some Of This Shit He Did, It Is SO Ugly

Have a day!

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