Flynn’s Singing, Trumps Done…

November 28th, 2017

Flynn’s lawyers already meet with Mueller

It’s all over For Trump, Don Jr, Kushner &


anyone else Directly Around Him (Pence &

others). An off Color Native American joke

and every other Fuckabout Tweet Is only a

distraction as he Feels his tiny nuts getting

squeezed into pudding. This is the end and

everyone legally Knows This. They’re all so

going Down. Tick tock, tick tock. The Clock

is ready To Strike Midnight. So nothing will

(Lock him up!)

save any of Them now, it’s far too late for a

way out. You Are All Toast waiting for a Cell

NOTE : You Know I Have Covered Notorious
Fraud Liar “Felon Troll” James O’Keefe Here
Before. Well, He’s At It Again Failing & Fallin
With Another Botched Sting Of Lies. See, HE
Is, A “Criminal Lying Fraud” Trying To Abuse
Other Citizens, Doing Nothing Wrong, & BOY
His Legal Comeuppances Are Startin To Hurt

Have a day!

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