Trumps Ethics Lawyer Quits…

November 27th, 2017

Now Let THAT Sink In For A Moment

The Word “Ethics”, & “Trump” Is The

(Lex Luther Jr)

same Sentence. Only His Lawyer now

quitting would make sense. Hope you

had The Best Turkey Day ever and we

welcome you all you all back baby!!!!!

James Schultz Just Handed in his BIG

resignation last week. So another one

bites the dust. He “said” he was going

to “talk about the good works that the

Trump Administration’s Doing”, Which


means he’s goin’ on tv to lie his ass off

He is simply “cashing out” to a private

Practice as the ship goes under so he’s

not on board at the time. Down, down,

Down They All Go. Oooooooooooooops

NOTE : Trump Is Terrified That Mueller
Is About To Indict More, So He’s Trying
To “Distract” His Base Of Lunatic Idiots
Claiming, He’s Your ‘Favorite’ President

Have a day!

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