Alabama Is For Molesters…

November 21st, 2017

No Matter if Roy Moore Wins Or Not, he is now

the face of the Republican Party. This is broken

(Do What to who?)

When People in The Republican Party All Know

Moore did The shit his Accusers Claim and Still

won’t stop supportin’ him. Wow I’d say they all

hit a new low; and they are all going way lower

When you have these Lunacy False Equivalency

lies Claiming 1 In Franken Who Apologized And

was forgiven Versus No Apology And Was a Big

felony Are NOT THE SAME. And There Is A 5 To

1 ratio here folks of Republicans to Dems & are

not remotely Equal. The country’s walking up &

you’re seein’ it everywhere. Look out we’re here

NOTE: Charlie Rose Is The Latest To Be Accused
Of Sexual Misconduct ( Not ‘The Same’ As Sexual
Assault defined by law but STILL Awful, & Totally
Unacceptable ) And, Is In Hot Water. Ohhhh Boy!

Have a day!

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